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Design & Media
The catalyst for marketing and brand revolution, our creative studio will redefine the future of design and media
Education is an enabler for economic and social progress. Here at Kokers Media School , we aim to attract and inspire the world's best creative minds to join this vibrant and enriching community and to explore the world of cinema . Our talent acquisition hub will foster hands-on and out-of-the-box thinking
We are the destination for world-class entertainment and year-round programming, a high spirited space that boosts social integration, social values and cultural promotion. Creating movies that becomes a part of our legacy is our goal
Technology & Digital
We aim to create an interconnected, intelligent and resilient environment; where everything works together holistically to provide a predictive, personalised experience – enabled by automated services to enhance the movie production & culture process. We believe in a virtual open platform where there are opportunities for everyone within the real world and the virtuaL Talent acquisition , production management , vendor management are all automated under one platform